Wait, What?!

Two posts in one week! I blame a slow workweek. Don’t expect things to change too much around here long-term, since work will be getting crazy again soon. This post is mostly an apology to what I said about Marvel Heroes in my last post. Well, not so much what I said but what was implied.

One of my headings was “Love for Marvel Heroes Waxes and Wanes.” That heading suggests that, for some reason, I love Marvel Heroes less than I used to. That could not be further from the truth. While I play Marvel Heroes less than I used to, my love for the game remains as strong as it ever has been and, in fact, continues to grow.

So, why is that?

Simple. Great content, great devs, and continued constant refinement and development of the game. The IP brought me to the game, but the job Gazillion continues to do keeps me coming back. I don’t play it all that much right now because, for me, ARPGs are treats to be enjoyed now and then, but not a meal that I can eat night after night for weeks or months on end.

So, let’s talk about what is great in the game right now. Many early reviews faulted the game for lack of a true endgame. The storyline ends around level 25, and originally, there were few options for content between levels 25 and 60. That has been fixed, for the most part, and continues to be refines. Here is what’s up:

My Least-Favorite Bug Seems to have been Fixed

I mentioned in my last post how much fun the Midtown Manhattan Survival Mode is. Constant waves of enemies, multi-boss fights. 10 players per zone. Everything sounds perfect for non-stop mayhem. The major problem, however, was the fact that you could not bring a team into the zone. Major fucking problem there. Well, last night, me and a guildie were able to zone in together and take on Sentinels, Magneto and the Brotherhood, Elektra, and all manner of bad guys together. To me this was the biggest bug in the game. If it truly is fixed, I am happy indeed.

The devs also made a series of tweaks to improve the zone. Bosses spawn more frequently, more mobs spawn, and new types of mobs were added. All vast improvements.

The X-Mansion is Destroyed Again

The X-Mansion has been destroyed in the comics so many times that you have to wonder why they bother to rebuild. Taking a page from the comics, the devs added an “X-Defense” mode. Basically, wave after wave of stronger and stronger enemies try to storm the mansion and capture a group of students. You have to achieve a goal (kill a boss or a certain number of enemies) before the bad guys do to make if through the wave. You go until you lose, and the further you make it, the better the loot and xp.

Technically, X-Defense is in an unfinished “open beta” state and continues to be worked on by the devs. It is, however, a lot of fun and requires some different gearing and playstyle choices from players.

Things get Difficult

The devs recently added difficulty modes to the story aimed at heroes in higher level ranges (25-60). The difficulty does ramp up in these modes, and it gives you the opportunity to run missions for improved loot rewards and extra skill points. It’s not revolutionary, but it is content and a nice change of pace from other modes.

Everything Else

In addition to these modes, there are still terminal missions (dailies) of multiple difficulty levels and various group survival challenges.  Bottom line, Marvel Heroes gives you a lot of different ways to beat up bad guys.

In the Year 2000

So, what does the future hold?  We know there will be more story missions added, centered around Asgard.  My guess is we will see Loki as a boss and it will come out around the time Thor 2 is released in theaters.  PVP is getting a big overhaul, and it looks like they will be using a MOBA model for it.   Other than that and more heroes, I don’t know what the future holds, but it sure looks like a bright one and one that I will be there to see.


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