Fun with MS Paint and Marvel Heroes

I was going to post a couple of in-game screenshots of my Marvel Heroes, but I thought that might be a little boring and self-indulgent.  So I decided to add some mildly humorous word balloons to make it slightly less boring but just as self-indulgent.

X-Men: The Ones I Paid Money For

Wolverine 1

Wolverine is my main at the moment.  Currently level 28, he likes to take damages, bleed foes, and long walks on the beach.  Once a couple of major bugs are fixed (“you mean, his debuff actually buffs enemies?”) he should really tear the bad guys apart.

Was meant to say “Good leaders know how to properly crop pics.”

Cyclops is my second highest character at level 14.  His attacks aren’t that flashy at that level, but he has great mobility for a ranged character and a +XP aura for the whole party.  Good times.


Colossus is supposed to be one of the best tanks in the game.  Mine if only level 5, but he seems fine so far.

Jean Grey 1

I have not played Jean Grey nearly enough.  Still only level 5, she has this one crazy skill.  Whatever could it be?

Jean Grey 2
Small font is small.

Oh yeah, that.


Cable, the oldest-looking child of the 90s, is all about big guns and even bigger pouches.  This game has both.  Also, a very decent ranged dps option, with a cool mix of guns, tech, and telekinesis.  Mine is parked at level 11 right now.


Storm, weather witch, African goddess, free character in Marvel Heroes.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  She looks cool from what I have seen of others playing her in game, but I have not gotten her out of the stable yet.

The Rejects Rest

Cap America

Captain America, the only non-mutant I have spent money on.  I’m not a huge patriot or anything, he was just a lot of fun in beta.  Plus, he has some of the best team buffs in the game.  Haven’t gotten him out yet.


I received the Thing as a quest reward after beating Doom.  He probably won’t see any action until a friend starts playing a year from now, and I need a level 1 to play with him.


I picked up Daredevil as a quest reward after the tutorial.  Like the Thing, he has not seen any action yet, and it will probably be awhile before I dust him off.

What the Future Holds?

Gazillion will, of course, be adding to the game more heroes in the future.  Why can we count on that?  Because it is one of their major revenue sources.  A lot of potential heroes already have character models made, and you will run into them as NPCs as you play the game.  Here are a couple of my favorite.  If you guessed that they would all be X-Men, you guessed right!


Oh, Nightcrawler, how can I RP your bromance with Wolverine if you are not playable?  I had to warp to Chapter 7 just to get this screenshot.  Pretty soon you’ll hear in guild chat “Where’s Yngwe?”  “He’s probably at Xavier’s chatting up inanimate Nightcrawler again.”  “How sad.”  Come on Gaz, help a brother out.

Psylocke 1

Okay, gotta hetero it up a little bit now, and what better way than with everyone’s favorite psychic ninja buttfloss aficionado, Psylocke.  She is in the game, and like Nightcrawler, the model is pretty decent.  I was going to have her turn around for the screenshot, but I didn’t want to seem too pervy.


Speaking of pervy, Gambit hangs around a couple of places in game.  Again, the model looks good, now all they need are powers, animations, and voice acting.  Make it so!  In all seriousness, I have heard several times that Gambit is one of the top-requested heroes.  Plus watch the opening cinematic closely.  I think there might be a hint in there.


In stark contrast to the previous three pics, here is Rogue, the Southern belle who apparently got the short end of the stick in an X-Men/Walking Dead crossover.  Hopefully, she gets a little design love before showing up in the cash shop.

Well, that is my team and a few other pics from around the game.  Please note, because of my lack of skill with blogging and MS Paint, the graphics do actually look a lot better in game.  Actually, I will edit this to say that they don’t look that much better, the pics just looked a lot worse in the WordPress editor before I published it.


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