Two More Reasons to Love Marvel Heroes (and a keybinding tip)

Catchy title, no?  Posting has been sparse on this blog due to busy work, family stuff, and actually playing video games instead of writing about them.

I am now a full week in to Marvel Heroes, having purchased a Premium Pack and gotten in in the second early access wave (the one that was only delayed by about 12 hours).  People have been complaining a lot about stability, long load screens, difficulty installing and patching, etc.  Thankfully, I have had none of those problems, and have been enjoying the hell out of the game.  Unfortunately, the busy work and real life have only given me a couple of free nights to dive into the game in its finished form.  I have, however, already discovered a few awesome features you might not be aware of that really help set this game apart from other MMOs or ARPGs.  Here are two of them, along with my tips for keybinding on a Razor Naga mouse.

I am going to RP that  Nightcrawler is on my team

For those that don’t know, this is Nightcrawler:


He is the X-Men’s longtime resident teleporter.  He must be on my team in-game (even though he is not a playable character), because I have the ability to teleport to the exact location of any teammate at any time.

All kidding aside, this is a great feature.  Partying up in game is awesome, but being an isometric view, it is easy to lose track of people.  If you get split up, simply right-click on your teammates portrait and select the teleport option.  This is also a great feature to avoid corpse runs.  You really never have to worry about getting lost in the game, and if your the first to the boss, a quick “At boss, port to me” should get people to your location quickly.  This works when you are in the same zone or different zones as well.  All around awesome feature.

Another note on partying, the auto-party option has recently been tweaked so that you will only be grouped up with people who have entered an instance within 20 seconds of when you entered it.  There should be little chance now that you end up joining a party that has already killed the instance’s boss.  Remember though, if you don’t like auto-grouping, you can turn it off in the Options>Gameplay menu.

In-Game Communication

Because Marvel Heroes is at its core an ARPG, there often is not a lot of time for chit chat while in a group, unless you have a third-party voice program.  The action is fast and frenetic, and people aren’t going to be doing a lot of typing.  Thankfully, a guildie informed me of a function that I believe was brought over from Diablo but that I had not experienced before – the number pad keys (0-9) all function as fully-voiced emotes.  These emotes are far and away superior to those in other, similar games, because they have recognizable voice actors reading them, like Steve Blum doing Wolverine.  He is the Wolverine from the cartoons.  It’s like having Peter Cullen do Optimus Prime – it is that much more awesome.

In addition, while the lines are tailored to the different heroes (Wolverine’s brag is different from Cyclops’s), the key mapping is the same for each hero.  What I mean is that the 0 key always says a greeting, but the actual dialog differs from hero to hero.  Also, each key has at least on saying attached to it for each hero, some have up to three, and maybe more.

Below is a list of each number pad key, what type of dialog it triggers, and an example of Wolverine’s dialog from that key:

0 – Greeting “You’re just in time to kick some butt”

1 – Attack “Time to throw down!”

2 – Retreat “Time to bail”

3 – Help “Watch my back”

4 – Taunt “So you think you’re tough?”

5 – Come Here “Hey, come on over”

6 – Brag “Did I mention, I’m the best there is at what I do”

7 – Stop Standing in Fire “You trying to get killed?”

8 – Thanks “Thanks, bub”

9 – Impressed “Nice, didn’t think you had it in you”

Having these keys and fully-voiced dialog available to players allows for some limited amount of communication between players without the need to break from the action to type.  Plus, how much cooler is it for Wolverine to say “Thanks, bub” in-game after a rez than to simply type in chat “ty?”

 Keybindings for Razor Naga

Finally, I think I settled on my preferred method of keybinding last night.  You have a limited number of hotkeys to use in game, and before too long, you will probably have more powers that you want to use than hotkeys.  Here is how I am dealing with it.

First, the default set-up.  You bind attacks to your left and right mouse button.  You can also bind powers to A, S, D, F, and G, and your Med Kits are bound to H.  That gives you seven active power keys.  Not a lot.

To make up for this, by hovering over a power in your power tree, you can assign it a quick-swap key (or some name like that).  You hit F1-F5 while hovering the mouse over the power to assign the quick-swap key, then hitting F1-F5 in-game will change what power is assigned to the right mouse button.

I use the Razor Naga, and have bound all of the power keys and quick-swap keys to the thumb keypad.  The first row (1-3) are my most active quick-swap powers.  The second two rows (4-6, 7-9) are my power buttons, and the last row (10-12) houses the last two quick-swap powers.  Here it is in grid form, showing where the original key bindings end up on the Naga:













I just started with this last night, so I am still getting used to it, but it seems like the best option right now.  I will note that keybindings are a little buggy right now, and you may find that you need to re-bind them between play sessions.

Hope you guys are enjoying the game and find this helpful!

2 thoughts on “Two More Reasons to Love Marvel Heroes (and a keybinding tip)

  1. FYI – I have heard that the number pad emotes can only be heard by the player, and not teammates. Hopefully, this is a bug that will get fixed.

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